General Annotation

1. Terms of Service (Further ‘TOS’) presents rights and obligations of the parties to an agreement as well as regulates the general conditions for the sale of services presented on virtually hosted website –

2. By placing an order on, purchasing side (Further ‘Customer’) automaticly agrees to accept the TOS.

3. By visiting or using services of the website, customer fully agrees to be bound by the TOS and to abide to such Terms and Conditions including all applicable laws and regulations governing this website.

4. The owners of this website reserve the right to change the TOS at any time without further informing. The revised TOS rules will apply only to the new customers since the moment of publishing.

5. Breaking the rules of the present TOS may result in refusal of the current and future orders. In more serious cases reserves the right to prevent customer from future use of this website, cancel his order and/or take appropriate legal actions against the customer.

6. This User Agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between us with respect to its subject matter. No oral explanation or oral information given by any party shall alter the interpretation of this User Agreement.

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements

1. is directed on honorable conduct of the business and will protect any gained confidential information installed within the frames of project agreement.

2. ensures to protect the gained company data and used materials. provides the ability to sign any of the customer’s previously prepared NDA agreements after such agreement is sent to the residential adress of the present company and/or electronic mail adress.


Property rights for created materials

1. After completion of the project all the materials such as graphic source files will fully belong to the customer. The exact copy of the source files will be stored in our protected cloud-based database in case of further redesign services requested by the same customer unless specified differently.

2. Finished projects may be chosen for our Portfolio page without listing customers personal data or any confidential information. However, allows it’s customers to request a Portfolio item removal option for additional fee. Customer may get information on it after prior contacting our company.

3. The images of finished projects may be used for advertising purposes of our website.


Additional Payment methods


1. Visitor/Viewer/Customer may request additional payment method prior contacting us if for some reasons payment process is not possible to be completed through PayPal.


Restricted Activities


1. Visitors of the website cannot input false personal, inaccurate, dishonest, obscene, calumniatory, libelous, denigrating data or utilize unauthorized credit card and/or false payment data.

2. Viewers of this website are not allowed to print, download, copy, reproduce, broadcast and track any of the elements of the present website.

Customer’s and Visitor’s/Viewer’s liabilities


1. Visitor/Viewer by beginning the process of entering data and purchasing a service on the present website automatically becomes a customer.

2. Visitor/Viewer by beginning the process of entering data and purchasing a service on the present website agrees not to transmit through, on or to website a materials and/or informations that are: abusive, obscene, defamatory, libelous or promoting socially unaccepted behaviors such as racial prejudice, anti-semitism, general bigotry etc.

3. It’s strictly prohibited to input data that harasses or advocates harassment of another person and/or group of people, input one or multiple inacurate and fake information such as words or series of letters that doesn’t correspond to the visitors/viewers/customers true identity commonly known as ‘SPAM’.

4. Visitor/Viewer/Customer agree to not upload malicious software through upload function on the present website and ensures that eventually sent materials are free of harm.

5. Visitor/Viewer/Customer declares to not use any automatic-based software and/or hardware to in person and/or remotely access, explore, spy, interrupt proper operation or steal any data avaible on the frontend and backend of the present website.

Contractor’s of The Entrusted Operations liabilities


1. website will be the Contractor of The Entrusted Operations (CoTEO) after the payment is credited to the CoTEO account.

2. Listed “Delivery time” is indicative and is not legally binding which means that no penalty (monetary or non-monetary) can be imposed from CoTEO and any of it’s employees. reserves a 14 work day delivery time due to high demand for our services. No fees can be imposed to CoTEO due to extended delivery time. Customer will be informed if any delay will occur.

3. The Delivery will take place after the project is finished. The finished goods will be sent to the customer’s electronic mail adress specified in the order form or eventually any other one after prior contacting us.

4. We reserve maximally 72 work hours to respond on your electronic mail message. However, it takes usually up to 24 work hours to respond on electronic mail message. Placing an order on does not guarantee the customer that his messages will be responded to within 24 work hours.

5. The ‘Unlimited Revisions’ right is a right that allows customer to request minor cosmetic changes to only one of the ordered amount of logo design concepts. Allowed changes: color replacement of a letter(s) and/or shape(s), adding/editing/erasing outer shadow/inner shadow/outer glow/inner glow of a letter(s) and/or shape(s), tilting shape(s) and/or letter(s), adding/editing/erasing inner line/outer line, editing the color of inner line/outer line, adding/editing/deleting reflection (mirroring), editing the opacity of letter(s) and/or shape(s).

6. Customer is applicable for the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ right for the period of 7 work days counted from the day of project delivery to the customer. After the period of 7 days since the project delivery to the customer – the project is endorsed as finished and no future claims can be made.

7. Liability of our company is limited only to design and produce an customer-mastered concept(s) of logo design creation. This means that the ending holder of the creation will take full responsibility for it. company executes customers commands and produces logo design creation only on the basis of customers guidelines without verifying eventual similarities of the logo design creation to any other existing logo design creations. This means that company can’t be criminally responsible for any plagiarism, economic loss, any loss of goodwill, reputation or any special, indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary damages. The Customer of by using our services declares that the provided to us guidelines and materials are free of any plagiarism. do not take any responsibility for the user’s further usage of the logo design creation thus it can’t be the subject of criminal prosecution. By placing an order on the present website customer declares that will release (including its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, owners, directors, agents and employees) from all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, known and unknown, arising from or in any way connected with event for which customer has such right, claim or action. Customer by placing an order on the present website also declares that he will pursue any eventual rights, claims or actions without any recourse to company.

8. Customer declares to release company from responsibility of any loss, claim or demand, liability, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), made by any user or third party due to or arising out of customers actions or omissions on this site or customer’s violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

9. website reserves the right to use your contact data to periodically send advertising materials.

10. Customer declares to contact in case of any dispute. If the dispute is of a serious matter – will propose to customer mediation services which costs of usage will have to be covered by customer itself. In case of no success during an attempt to resolve the dispute – all details provided to the law enforcement authorities should be send to the electronic mail and residential adress of company after prior requesting those information via contact form avaible on website.

Violation of Terms of Service


1. An entity to whom violation of Terms of Service was proven may be a subject of judicial proceeding or any other legal actions can be taken.

2. Aside from earlier mentioned section – violating the rules by the viewer/visitor/customer may allow us to temporarily or permanently limit any activity on the website until further notice.

3. We reserve a right to cancel an order if customer’s activity violates any of the TOS’s rules. Appropriate prompt will be send to the customer and a full refund will be made. is not responsible for any losses due to currency conversion or other fees imposed by the payment system – PayPal INC.