10 Directories to Submit Your Graphic Design Company

We all face the same problem in the beginning of our online entrepreneur journey. We lack experience and knowledge needed to quickly boost our startup and start generate income. One of the bigger unknowns for young and yet not experienced entrepreneur is the subject of business promotion. In order to have income you need to have visitors on your website. Conversion is a dynamicly changing ratio between visitors and visitors who decided to purchase a certain thing from you. The higher the conversion rate the better for you as an businessman but what to do when your conversion is nearly non-existant and the amount of visitors coming to your website is very low ?


Website's visibility is dependant to a big amount of always changing factors. As Google's algorithms change pretty often, it's hard to catch up. However, there is always a pile of methods that can still boost up your startup. One of these methods is to submit your website to a free or paid directory. You need to be very cautious as not every directory can bring benefit for you. Some of them can even discourage Google from listing you higher in search engine results. Always opt for high quality backlinks. Don't focus just on dofollow links. Google likes things done organically. That means that simply a natural circumstances would be if one has 3:1 ratio of nofollow links to dofollow links. Some directories offer you possibility to submit your firm and obtain a dofollow link. Don't be so fast ! It is a good practice to check this directory's Page Rank. The higher Page Rank score the better. Usually you shouldn't go for anything below PR3 or PR4. Also remember to pay attention to directory's revelance to your own website. Google wouldn't take you too seriously if that structure would be unsettled.


Here's a quick list of 10 interesting directories to submit  your graphic design company:

1. Design Directory

2. designer.am

3. Designfirms.org

4. http://www.web-development.com

5. graphicdesign.com

6. dexigner.com

7. http://www.topdesignfirms.com/

8. http://www.directoryworld.net/

9. http://dir.yahoo.com/arts/design_arts/graphic_design/

10. http://www.dmoz.org/Arts/Graphic_Design/


Remember to build your position in organic and natural way. This means that it will take time but also it will last longer. White hat methods usually can bring more benefit in a long term site's existance than quick black hat or grey hat methods. Also they allow you to avoid Google's sudden penalties which is very important while doing everything to keep up the momentum of your business.