How to earn money as a graphic designer ?


The reality of a freelance graphic designer can be sometimes very grey, especially when you're new to the business. This often means that you didn't work out your portfolio yet. You have the skill and talent but where to show it off ? Where to sell your graphic designs ? In this short post, we'll try to introduce you to some of the top crowdsourcing websites as well as show you the path you should go in order to start earn money before you're even worldwide known ! So lay back on your chair, take a cup of coffee and here we go.

Crowdso-what ?

You got it nearly right. Crowdsourcing is a term created back in 2006 and it means, in huge shortcut, outsourcing to greater amount of people and choosing the best made project. 'Nuff said :). You can have many variations of crowdsourcing for example reverse crowdsourcing in which design, software or anything you like is being prepared first to then be chosen by consument or business. Let's list and explain the principles of some crowdsource-based websites.

99 Designs mentioned by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and many more allows you to find open contests in which you can submit your design. With a bit of luck and talent you can be the winner ! This simply means money and one more satisfied customer. It's nice to mention that often winners take big prizes reaching even few thousand dollars for their design. From logo design to postcards and flyers, you can find your favorite category and feel at home.

Brandcrowd is a legit source of unique ready-made designs. The concept of the service is based simply on reversed crowdsourcing. Platform lets designers to expose their creations and earn money after they are bought. The final recipient can browse for ready brands (including custom logo design, and domain(s) ). Prices vary from 300$ for a logo to few thousand dollars for a brand. It's a great place for all those unused concepts that you have hidden in the depths of your computer :)

Design Crowd works the same way as 99 designs focusing 1,305,300 custom designs submited to the platform.

Zazzle is a little black sheep in our post. It's concept is slightly different than other services. However, it's still based on crowdsourcing somehow. It allows you to open your online store within their platform and sell your designs. You can choose your merchendise on which designs will be printed and sold to the ending recipients. Fun to try out :)

Other websites worth checking

In this short list you'll find sites simillar to earlier mentioned.

Final Quack

Feeling enlighted ? That's what we wanted !