Choosing Graphic Design Company



Choosing a graphic design company may not be as easy as it sounds. Among hundreds out there it may happen that only few of them will deliver you satisfying work. The key to success may not be cutting the costs of designing or picking up the most expensive company on the internet. Basically what you should be looking for is a well balanced formation ready to pursue your design goals. Alright, enough of them ‘general sentences’, let’s list the most important factors when choosing a graphic design company.


You get what you pay for


This popular saying is applicable to our situation and we’ll try to break it down for you in next couple of lines as well as explain also that paying too much doesn’t always mean that you’ll get the most quality work possible. We’ll use logo design as an example because it’s the first thing we should think of when creating website, blog, brand or product.


Let’s face the simple fact - Graphic Designer isn’t working for peanuts and will never be. His determination, engagement and passion can be quickly diminished by under-valued earnings. It does cost few years of studies to obtain a degree as well as years of practice to perform well in achieved knowledge. Of course you’ll find tons of offers with ‘5$ logo design’ but are we really talking ‘logo design’ ?


Just think how much one would have to do to actually survive in each month while creating work valued just $5. Average wage in USA is 7.25$/hour (data taken from 2009). This results in 1740$ per month. A ‘designer’ would have to create 348 logotypes in just one month. That’s nearly 12 professional logo designs a day, 1 every 2 hours.


Not only it’s impossible to achieve the 1740$ a month when not sharing profits with someone who can actually help (remember that we’re speaking average wage, nearly minimal one) but also I doubt that the produced work will not stand out in negative meaning when it comes to quality.


If a designer is creating a logo design for business, he needs to know his customer, understand his vision, goals, get to know the company, create initial sketches, pick up a font face, choose most appropriate color palettes, create mockup, have that mockup accepted by customer and a few more crucial steps that take days to complete. A single interview can take few days if customer doesn’t help too much in providing answers on some questions and hinting designer how he would see the final logotype.


Most of the time $5 logo designs are made as a part time job. It’s a rare thing that they are actually done by someone who finished appropriate courses and obtained a degree to then become graphic designer. They already have a job that pays them enough to never even think of working for peanuts on computer graphics work.


So how those designs are being made in just 1 day and for 5$ ? The answer is simple. Ready-made templates and/or graphic elements are being used to achieve the doubtful success. Cataloged by theme elements are applied on canvas and mixed with poorly chosen type face. It happens very often that the colors don’t match the message that is suppose to come with a certain company. Indeed by a matter of chance it will happen that one or more accidental designs become nicely looking but there is one more thing that absolutely preclude the use of this type of service and we’ll try to explain it in a couple of next lines.


It is crucial to understand that savings are good in the short-term period of time but in a longer period of time - they’ll cost you a lot of money. How this can happen ? Imagine a non professional logo design made for your company that you decide to apply on your website, newsletter, business cards, invoices, online selling channels, newspaper and eventually on your car’s hood.


Sounds like a very professional maneuver but what will hurt your pocket is what you’re placing on all those objects. A un - professional logo design company have created a logo for you with the use of already-made elements. Without deep researching about mockup’s similarity to other trademarks in the business, without even checking if they didn’t use the same ready-made cataloged objects for their different customers.


This WILL hurt your pocket as sooner or later someone may not be satisfied with the fact that one is using nearly the same trademark as he does. Not only this can have it’s final in the court but also it will mean the necessity to re-design entirely the brand’s trademark identity. From website to even promotion car. Costs may vary from few to several thousand dollars. Trully blue situation when all we wanted to do was just to save 500$ on our business logo design.


Golden duck isn’t always golden


In majority of the cases if a company is well known for years for it’s professional approach then it’s most likely safe to cooperate with. However, not always top listed companies are the right choice to be made.


Some companies reach a particular level where the volume of orders exceeds their manufacturing possibilities but instead of hiring another designer to handle the work, they simply lower the quality of it. How ? For example by spending less time on creating detailed sewing effects on your badge type logo design. You’re mad, cause you’ve paid 1000 $ for the complete branding service but the work is worth maybe 200 $.


You keep on mailing those guys, they keep re-designing your work in a rush, you keep getting worser and worser quality. In the end you’re so tired and frustrated that you just give up and force yourself to be satisfied of the poorly created work. The ultimate solution is to find out someone who is prepared for any possibilities and someone who trully wants to create a satisfying logo design in affordable price.


Final Conclusion


Logo design and branding services should not be neglected by anyone treating a job seriously. The final effect may look simple but very often a lot of work and planning is being put to make it look that way. And the way your trademark look will affect multitudes of people in the future. That’s why those kind of services shouldn’t be undervalued or underestimated. Take time to review all companies that can help you reach your goals and choose them with prudence.