5 Sure Businesses of 2013 which will bring you a forever income


In the shady times of 2013 era it's hard to develop a business that will surely last more than 10 years. Crisis and changing demand are not making things easier. Everything that is relatively 'new' to the society is burdened with initial risk of failure after the 'trend' is over. This is making things complicated as it's hard to predict the future of our company as well as income that will come in concrete years. However, no matter what shady times, no matter how many crisis will touch our society, no matter what else, there are still areas of market that - if we'll get engaged in - we'll earn some pretty penny. Why? Because a mass will always need food or medicaments for example. Even music in the times of huge crisis or wars was being sold in good amounts. Why? Because people had to travel to their little world for 5 minutes in order to forget about everything bad that is happening around them. We would like to present you a short list of 5 well known, ancient niches which will always generate you an income. Please keep in mind that this article is actually targeting people who are having some money saved already or can afford creating a new business from the money of an existing one. This is not an article for a young and un-experienced entrepreneur who begin their journey as a lone wolf.

Our Top 5 businesses of 2013 which will bring you a forever income are:

1. Food Trade Market

In the retail sector which success is being determined by localisation and pricing policy, the problems of one company can mean an excellent start for another company. It's a hard market as the competition is quite big. Usually it's hard to establish a pricing policy which will be competitive in relation to other stores. A good room to maneuver is being opened for all types of franchise networks consisting of independent entrepreneurs operating under the common brand. Indeed trade situation is actually worse than last year but with a reliable partner, business is being done easier. Even if we reach those liquidity problems, we can still count on support from the central network to which we belong to.
A good example can be operating an Intermarche supermarket on the basis of a typical franchise. Let's make it straight - the price of the partnership is around 125 000 US Dollars. However, if you can afford it then be sure to live well for the rest of your life. Aside from your cut in the whole venture, being in a franchise network can gain you many benefits such as exchange of common experiences between entrepreneurs and creating new business contacts. It's already pretty much.

2. Pharmacies - Escape to the grid

Simillar to the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) market, the drug market is currently also having it's a little bit more difficult period. The owners of the pharmacies may be happy that they've survived the year of 2012 which statistically was one of the worser years for those kind of goods. Once again, owners who cooperated with strong franchisor, have made well through this period. Network marketing, know how from more experienced players, obtaining cheaper goods - those are only few of the benefits of belonging to a strong franchise group. Drug Market can be considered immune to crisis. It's good to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a business partner who will carry us through the first stage of getting permission to operate and starting a pharmacy.

3. Service market for children and older people

Indeed the quick aging tendency of our modern society was visible even few years ago but times are slowly changing and more children is being born. No matter which side will you choose as an entrepreneur, the benefits can be high and solid for the next decade. With the increase of the proportion of people in post-production age, also increases the value of the market which is specializing in the care of the elderly. Medical facilities, sanatoriums, nursing homes, hospices...it is fair to say that the owners of such facilities will not complain about the fluctuations. Demographics will also guarantee profit to those who will focus on the youngest group of our society. Parents are more aware and open to all kinds of didactic classes, after-school activities and modern teaching aids. This opens doors for any entrepreneurs ready to cover the newest trends and demand of the society. Development of physical and artistic abilities in the youngest have become trendy. Original programs are an interesting combination of activities including speech therapy, education, psychology and physiotherapy. This attracts parents, media and the most important group - children.

4. Eternal trend for fast food

One more example of a niche that is resistant to global economical crisis is the one concerning food industry. Which one exactly? Answer is simple - Fast food. Now we all know murk stories about restaurants that opened with a big kaboom and closed equally fast to the sound disappearing after their big opening but don't forget that Fast Food market is slightly different. Gastronomy is a very whimsical niche. To make it right you need a delicate mix of good localisation, interior design which would create an unique atmosphere, good menu and the way customer is being treated by the staff. Sounds easy? Hold your horses! Hard to achieve! However, if you feel that those earlier mentioned elements are beyond your startup preparation skills, you can always outsource those tasks to the third party company. For consolation - Don't worry, the majority of the restaurant owners is outsourcing those tasks to other startup preparation companies. Simply cause they don't want to take the unnecessary risk. If bad choices are being made then it's easy to get into debts, commit additional mistakes and engage another 000's of dollars. Better pay once and avoid that right? Sure! During your battle with difficult but lucrative market (everyone needs to eat right?) you'll learn that strengthening the position of your current location points and seeking even more popular location points will bring you bigger and bigger recognition. Other than that - it will strenghten your overall position in the market. That's very important as competition is and will always be - quite big. But again for consolation - don't worry! The amount of people on this earth, in this side of planet, in this country, in this state is so big that without problems you will have your piece of cake in theoretically difficult market. And all of them need to eat. Besides most of entrepreneurs holding a piece of market are not recording good income from their business. Why? Cause they didn't read InexpensiveLogo's Articles section! No...just kidding. The closer to the end the harder it is for me to remain serious. Ok... so why they do not record any income from their hardly invested business? Because they do it wrong! Again I point my finger on the word 'Franchising'. It's not that hard to belong into a franchising group in this niche. For example known globally 'Pizza hut' is providing their franchisees a complete know-how in the beginning stage of opening an outpost. In the situation in which we encounter liquidity problems, we can count on the rest of franchisees and franchisor in terms of 'patching' our 'problem hole'. Corporate Headquarters of a particular brand (in this example - Pizza hut) can provide us with marketing help or send us their negotiator who will take care of our too high costs of renting. Sometimes strength lies in the group.

5. Laundries

The idea of having a profitable business can invade our mind at the most unpredictible moments. For example, when we giveaway our suit to the laundry. Why Laundries? Clean Business! If we've visited a local laundrie without hesistation just to refresh our uniform, even if we're counting every penny on a daily basis then it means that this is a very lucrative business! Maybe it's a sign and proof that such a business is characterized by high resistance to economic fluctuations? Sure it is! It appeared in InexpensiveLogo's Articles section! Ok, ok... again the closer the end the... . Getting back on the track... . Running this business should be done without greed and with humility. Every decision should be made with at least 6 month planning. Laundry earnings are subject to the same economic fluctuations like any other business. We should always remember about it. It's a business like any other. However, we need to point out one fact - today's laundry market is not as it was 10 or 20 years ago. Franchisees need to find newer and newer methods in order to bring fresh customers. For sure advertising locally can bring a lot of traffic. For example local newspaper or tv program advertisements. Owners need to invest more in advertising and expanding the range of services. Recently after such an operations, revenues are stable, but the costs are rising. This confirms that in the times of global economical cirisis it is harder to attract recipients. Also maintaining the previous profitability of our business is being harder to achieve. However, having the support of a franchisor can surely help us get out our business from murk times.

I would like to admit here that we have absolutely no connections, either profit from promoting franchising as a remedy to any problems. Please keep in mind that it doesn't help in every possible situation. It gives support in hard times but that's all. Always remember that you are the brain of all business intention. However, being aware of an aid of an experienced partner makes it easier to maintain your current business

We wish you a lot of luck and well thought decisions in upcoming years 2013 and 2014!

InexpensiveLogo.com Team