What are the benefits of having a company logo?

Who remembers Newton's law of universal gravitation by heart?

...Long Pause...

...Apple logo? Coca-Cola logo? Adidas logo? I think that the vast majority of us are familliar with their design. Is this all what we can remind ourselves? Try to remind yourself 10 last commercials that you saw in the past 10 days. You'll be surprised by how many logotypes you do remember. This is the magic of a good company logo design

It's all thanks to the organ that we carry in our head - brain. Specificity of how our brain works can easily explain why we are able to remind ourselves tens of corporate logo designs and associate them with a concrete brand. Ever owned a smartphone with Android os ? If yes then you may remember a season-popular Android game which offered a logo quiz. Simply it was displaying a random logo design and required you to associate it to one of three possible brand names visible on the screen. Have you ever been shocked by the fact how many custom logo designs are stored in your memory?

A good company logo design is equal to a good mind work. We are able to remember so many designs because our brain is catching images better than text. A logo is a key to company's success as it's usually the first thing which comes to our mind when thinking of a concrete brand. This easily means that it has the power to establish a direct and emotional relationship between our brand and the customer. 'Emotional?' you may ask. Yes, emotional because customer can love our brand or hate it. OF course it's a simplified schema.

A strong logo design means a strong credibility and consistency to your product or service. It's an excellent marketing and branding tool which simply will represent what your company stands for. Your message, goals and objectives can be easily implemented in your business logo design which will increase seriousness and stability towards your business. It has been proven by advertising campaigns that only those ones who have a strong recognition on the market are being able to squeeze out a very high conversion rates.

Logos are giving the utmost importance to internet marketing strategies. Visitor attracted by the overall design of a landing page will be more interested in buying out products or services. Now multiply it by millions of internet users around the globe. Possibilities are endless thats why we should never save on our company logo design.

Last but not least. A great business logo design will work for your target audience. Before making the first branding, be sure what your business partners or collegues think about the final design. It will give you a small portion of what to expect after the logo design concept will be applied in your brand.

Finally, with a professionally made company logo design we gain a tremendous dominance over our competition and a chance to quickly become recognized thanks to internet prevalence. You know what they say - What happens in vegas, sta... or more accurately - Once designed logotype stays in people's mind for a long time. That's why it's very important to have it designed by professionalists. We offer all type of logo design services for your business. Have your first company logo design stand out from competition like a boss.

Windows 8 – It’s a DISASTER!

It always takes a couple of years for developers to prepare the next-gen OS for us users and even few more years to make the majority of them switch to it. Reason? For those first - it's money, for those second - it's another change. Not from yesterday we know that people usually don't like changes. Microsoft itself kept the simple interface of 'Windows' for over 2 decades and have gained a lot of fans despite BSOD's (Blue Screens of Death), compatibility problems, viruses, unlogical errors etc. General public could taste a lil' bit of Microsoft's new child on April 12, 2011. It was one of the first builds and unfortunately for Microsoft - it leaked to internet.
The wave of negative opinions began with the more stable Windows 8 that was released on September 13, 2011 (build 8102 - Windows 8 Developer Preview) and presented the majority of Metro UI.

I'll make a little pause in here and squeeze a tiny notice of mine - there's something strange going on with Microsoft from time to time. Let's start from the beginning - we have a Windows 98 in 1998 which repeated the success of Windows 95. Two years later we have Windows Millenium Edition which was a complete failure according to users. Then we have Windows XP which was a huge success of Microsoft. Successor of the Win XP was Vista which again was a huge failure. As you probably noticed - sinusoidal trend loves Microsoft Company.

Back to the subject - I have a feeling that Microsoft have made Windows 8 just to fill the 'hole' that appeared after introducing Apple's latest OS. Windows 8 seems to be a mix of unthought development actions and ideas invented in a rush. In one moment someone inside their company woke up and said 'dayumm guys this is hella unconvenient and illogical, what we do now?!'. Well... what would they do? Simple! Invest huge amounts of Woodrow Wilson's in the advertisment campaign and convince everyone that Windows 8 is exactly what they need in the times of economical crisis. Users get frustrated, Microsoft counts economic losses and the future of Windows 8 is unknown. Hundreds of people willing to pay even $125 just for a simple downgrade to Windows 7 doesn't seem to be good news for gigant from Redmond. Windows 8 seems to be another OS like Millenium or Vista which people will want to replace after first 30 minutes of using. Pretty sad cause we've started to believe that Redmond will serve us another Mac OS for half of the price.