Why raster graphics are inappropriate for any type of logo design?

In the avalanche of all kind of graphic formats, software and technicques, it can be pretty difficult for a beginner logo designer to do things the right way. One of the most common mistakes is choosing a wrong software to develop a logo design and/or developing it in wrong file format.

By general assumption, a logo design should be scalable. First what we need to understand is that we cannot rasterize our final design before saving it in a safe Vector file format. There's a major difference between Raster and Vector graphics. Raster graphics consist of 2-dimensional patterned array that often represents symbols, characters or shapes. In computer graphics a term broadly known is pixel which is nothing more than just a very small square. This pixel is repeated in x and y dimensions in order to build shapes. Rastered graphics are having a one certain feature that may be a problem if we won't keep it in mind - they don't like to be software resized. This simply means that for example if we produce a logo design for our company and unfortunately save all our work as a jpeg image then we'll face a very serious aesthethical problem whenever we'll want to change the size of that logo. We'll simply lose quality and cause our company's logo design to be pixelated (have jagged, unaesthethical edges). Imagine how much trouble a rasterized logo design can bring to you if you want to scale your company's logo design for a forum avatar, website, ebay template design, promotional goods, advertisments and anything else that requires recipient to recognize your brand.

In this case, a secret weapon of all logo designers is the proper knowledge of what and when. Instead of Rasterized graphics they are using Vector graphics. Now what's the big hype about it ? Simply because they don't consist of pixels but mathematical points and paths. The shapes are scalable and will never have jagged edges effect which makes vector graphics a perfect choice when it comes to design a logo that we want to use for our company or for a client. Even if we'll resize it seven times, bigger or smaller, it will always remain it's original clarity and quality. Ok, we have some basic theoretical knowledge but which program is appropriate for this kind of graphics and what file format I should use? Simply the answer is whatever suits your needs and file that will match your customer's requirements. An example of a program with which you can design your logo designs can be Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Those are the most commonly used programs to design a professional looking logo design. An example of a file format especially designed to handle vector saved data can be EPS or Adobe AI. They are highly compatible with other graphic editors.

Using Vectors instead of Raster graphics is even more beneficial for the company because it allows designer to perform a quick and highly precise modifications to the existing logo design. Operations like quick shape rebuild, background replacement or removal, color change and adding effects are much faster on vector graphics. Thanks to better flexibility they can be added to larger amount of medias and even corporate stationery designs such as business cards or letterheads.

Our Logo Design Company can create beautiful and professional looking corporate logo designs as low as $29.99 for a single logotype. We are trusted in the graphic design market and offer a rich portfolio of our completed logo designs. Designing is not just our work, it's our passion !

What are the benefits of having a company logo?

Who remembers Newton's law of universal gravitation by heart?

...Long Pause...

...Apple logo? Coca-Cola logo? Adidas logo? I think that the vast majority of us are familliar with their design. Is this all what we can remind ourselves? Try to remind yourself 10 last commercials that you saw in the past 10 days. You'll be surprised by how many logotypes you do remember. This is the magic of a good company logo design

It's all thanks to the organ that we carry in our head - brain. Specificity of how our brain works can easily explain why we are able to remind ourselves tens of corporate logo designs and associate them with a concrete brand. Ever owned a smartphone with Android os ? If yes then you may remember a season-popular Android game which offered a logo quiz. Simply it was displaying a random logo design and required you to associate it to one of three possible brand names visible on the screen. Have you ever been shocked by the fact how many custom logo designs are stored in your memory?

A good company logo design is equal to a good mind work. We are able to remember so many designs because our brain is catching images better than text. A logo is a key to company's success as it's usually the first thing which comes to our mind when thinking of a concrete brand. This easily means that it has the power to establish a direct and emotional relationship between our brand and the customer. 'Emotional?' you may ask. Yes, emotional because customer can love our brand or hate it. OF course it's a simplified schema.

A strong logo design means a strong credibility and consistency to your product or service. It's an excellent marketing and branding tool which simply will represent what your company stands for. Your message, goals and objectives can be easily implemented in your business logo design which will increase seriousness and stability towards your business. It has been proven by advertising campaigns that only those ones who have a strong recognition on the market are being able to squeeze out a very high conversion rates.

Logos are giving the utmost importance to internet marketing strategies. Visitor attracted by the overall design of a landing page will be more interested in buying out products or services. Now multiply it by millions of internet users around the globe. Possibilities are endless thats why we should never save on our company logo design.

Last but not least. A great business logo design will work for your target audience. Before making the first branding, be sure what your business partners or collegues think about the final design. It will give you a small portion of what to expect after the logo design concept will be applied in your brand.

Finally, with a professionally made company logo design we gain a tremendous dominance over our competition and a chance to quickly become recognized thanks to internet prevalence. You know what they say - What happens in vegas, sta... or more accurately - Once designed logotype stays in people's mind for a long time. That's why it's very important to have it designed by professionalists. We offer all type of logo design services for your business. Have your first company logo design stand out from competition like a boss.

Is Logo Designer a Mentalist?

A good logo is a customer magnet

Despite significant elements such as slogan for example , it will be your logotype that will be noticed first and eventually remembered. Depending on characteristics of your niche you may need a logo design that is in particular style. In world of logo design we can distinguish seven major logotype styles: abstract, letterform, pictorial, character, emblem, web 2.0 and wordmark. All of them have their pros and cons in terms of fitting into given niche. For example you may not treat seriously a company offering funeral services if they would have a logo that consists of cute bunny character absorbed in eating his favorite carrot.

How lo’ can you go’ ?

It’s very important to set an initial budget that you want to allocate in order to obtain your custom logo design. Avoid being caught in a mind loop of saving on everything if your budget is not very high. Bad savings on things you may consider ‘little’ or ‘not that important’ may result in serious consequences in the future such as negative brand recognition or no recognition at all. Certainly you don’t want that to happen. Another thing to avoid are services that offer logo design for very cheap amounts such as 5$ per completed logotype. Not only you may receive your design in low resolution or one non-vector file format but also it is highly probable that it will be just a shuffled clipart instead of a client-personalized company logo.

Few dollar savings, few thousands lost

One spedition company once have made a mistake by ordering professional logo design that cost them just earlier mentioned 5$. By definition a professional logo design can’t cost 5$. If well thought and manually produced, it will be a result of many hours of work over shape, color combination, aesthetic matter, symbols, hidden messages etc. The previously mentioned company have later found out that their competition had a very simillar looking logotype which was proving that their 5$ design was nothing more than just a modified clipart. Unfortunately for them this was just a tip of an iceberg. Logo looked bad on trucks because it was delivered to them as a low resolution design. Poorly chosen colors and font have made their logo design blend into brochures. Again low definition of output file format resulted in jagged edges, and so on...

Just imagine how one poorly made decision have pushed them away from customers and made their company look unprofessional.

What is a well thought logo design and why it’s important for your company

Human brain can’t focus on more than few elements at once. This is where a well thought logo design comes in handy. Not only you can hide a meaning, slogan, values or something funny in it but also it’s greatest adventage is the fact that it’s easy to remember for your potential recipients. It’s very important to choose either we want a minimalistic design or fancy one. Both of them are relatively equal when it comes to effectiveness as well as they are hard to master. A well thought logo combines elements to create a shape and close a meaning in it. It utilizes those colors that are consistent with color theory and easily fit into website, brochure, invoice and look good on any object such as office mug for example. It’s very important aspect as every color has it’s own meaning and links different emotions. It would be strange to see highly energetic yellow color logo design on attorney’s website and dark gray one on candy store right? That’s how important it is.

So...is logo designer a mentalist?

That’s a very good question. Just like Patrick Jane in ‘The Mentalist’, a good logo designer is also using the sense of deduction, prediction and ability to stand in someone’s shoes. In this case in the shoes of potential customer. Earlier mentioned colors or shapes have their special, hidden feature. They allow to control recipients emotions towards product or brand, control his memory and make him approach your offer in a more enthusiastic way. Those are the things highly under-apprecieated by future entrepreneurs willing to create their logotype.

Bearing in mind all the above mentioned tips we would like to propose you our Logo Design Company.

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