The Importance of Typography In Logo Design (Condensed)


It’s quite tough to create a powerful logo design that can make a massive impact on your customers. However, if you are asked to just restrict yourself to typography while designing logos, then it can become an extremely hard challenge to overcome. Logo design experts believe that sometimes you can get most breathtaking results by just using typography art in your logos by using your creativity and innovation. Sometimes it’s awesomely stunning ligature that does the trick or imaginative and creative use of alphabets. At other times, designers design incredibly astonishing company logo by just making clever use of scaling, colors or by just re-arranging some alphabets. Sometimes Logo design professionals just remove something from an alphabet to provide it a touch of brilliance.

Why typography is that important in your company's logo design?

If you own a business, it’s highly recommended that you should get typography based logo design for your business. There are a number of reasons why you should do so. Letters are used to provide information about your products, and by creatively using them in your business logo, you can easily make your logo design extremely memorable. You can find a number of examples by using Google search for the term logo design. What’s more, you will find a plethora of free popular Google fonts. To make this point clearer, let’s have a look at following examples.

If there is a company that is dedicated to spreading greenery and planting trees in companies, government organizations to reduce carbon emissions, the company’s logo design can have green color in the background. The letters can be cleverly manipulated to resemble a tree. This is just one example of strategic thinking that reputable logo design companies use while designing logos for their clients.

Another example is that of an industrial design firm. In order to design logo for an industrial design company, you must know what actually industrial designers do in their everyday work. One of the many goals of any industrial designers is to make products extremely accessible to the users by stripping products down to their most basic levels. So the logo design can consist of accessible and most basic shapes that are used by industrial designers when they start their projects.

Exceed the expectations of your customers with the help of outstanding logo design typography

If you have a website, you may be aware that your visitors expect an outstanding logo at the top of your page with bold and outstanding text. The more elaborate and unique your logo design typography is, better and easier it is for your users to remember and trust your business.

One of the toughest tasks, you will encounter is deciding on which fonts will perfectly suit your company logo. Thankfully, you can always take help from an established Logo design company to achieve this goal with aplomb.