How to practice your attention grabbing technicque

What are we talking about?

Attention Grabbing technicque is as you probably guessed, a marketing technicque that is extremely helpful in advertising. It simply follows two main rules - catch the eye and attract with the catchy text. It's effectiveness is based on how well you understand the needs of your customers. In simple words - what would you want to read if you would be at the place of your client ? Understanding the needs of your customers is one but preparing a catchy text is second. Not to mention about the fact that you need to somehow 'force' (:)) an user to look in the desired place. So how do we deal with all of this rocket science ?

Effective Advertising Text (EAT)

To create an Effective Advertising Text you need to know your product and extract it's 'best side'. Simply think what is strong about your product and write it down. Then ask yourself the following questions: Why it's super ? Is it better from others that offer the same service ? Is it unique ? Is it cheap ? Is it professional ? How it can help your customers ? Remember to always think through the prizm of what your customer want to hear then fit the product to cover as much of his needs as possible. Be concise. To help yourself - wrap your text in a small rectangle box and make at least 5 versions of it. It will sometimes feel frustrating to stuff your thoughts in such a limited box but it's needed to develop proper habits. Upon preparing a couple of versions pickup the most condensed one and inspect it if you didn't use the over-repeated sentences typically like 'How I earned 1 000 000 $ in just 20 minutes'. You want to attract not make someone laugh from disbelief.


Every website has it's heatpoints. Those are the places which users direct their eyes instantly. To win in this uneven battle between human perception ability vs. you you need to posess the knowledge of where to place your attention grabbers and where to not. One of the more helpful online tools ready at your disposition are heatmaps. Their work is to dynamically generate a map of your website and highlight all most viewed and most clicked areas of your webpage. Such services don't cost fortune and can be extremely helpful in understanding how your users interact with your website. Further analysis can bring surprising conclusions and help you place your attention grabber in more proper place. After all you want to increase the view of your offer and the only way to do it is to understand how your users think.

You can use commercial online tools like SeeVolution or find it in the form of plugin (usually for free). One of the free ones is surely the one that is integrated to Google Analytics. It provides basic knowledge about the most clicked areas and most viewed ones on your website. If you wish to search deeper then here you are Heatmap Plugin Search


Choose an eye-catching colors for your attention grabber. Don't make it too annoying for user. I would suggest that you make a screenshot of your homepage and pick up the hexadecimal value of the main color that repeats on it. You can use the most basic raster graphics editor (For example Gimp). Prepare your hex value and go to Adobe Kuler to simply enter it and set up as a base color. Upon doing that click on 'Analogous rule' and pick up one of the colors. Remember to pick it up wisely. You want to have an area on your website that stands out but doesn't fund nystagmus to your user's eyes :).

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

AIDA is simply everything you need in order to change a normal internet user into the buyer of your service or product. You can gain even more if you have at least the basic persuasion abilities. It's a must in the marketing world. After your user will click on your attention grabber he should be redirected to a page that contains so-called 'call to action' formulas. There's that place to show off your persuasion skills. We'll cover the subject of 'call to action' formulas later.


Since centuries it's clear that a good advertisement can do miracles. It shouldn't be underestimated just because we don't feel enough strong in this genre. Practice makes perfect and with this simple conclusion we finish our today's post :).