5 Most Famous Logo Designers of All Time

We can't disagree that each generation has it's own iconic artists. They pour their ideas on the paper or computer screen in order to express themselves in many fantastic ways. They cherish our senses and make us discover new ways of describing art. Not to mention that they have a lot of fun while doing that. But what about logo design? Here we present 5 most iconic and significant logo designers chosen by our team. They constitute a source of our daily inspirations.

1. Ivan Chermayeff

Ivan was born in 1932, London, England. Around 40's he've moved to United States and studied at Harvard's institute of design in Chicago. Shortly after he received his BFA at Yale. At that time he met Tom Geismar with whom he later created a common studio - Brownjohn & Chermayeff & Geismar. All of them shared the same passion for typography. However, it's not thanks to typography skills this trio have begun to be recognizable. They were the pioneers of placing abstract shapes in logo design. These significant logo designers have created designs for such an important entities like Chase Manhattan Bank, Mobil, National Geographic, Armani Exchange, Library of Congress, Pan Am, Rockefeller Center, NBC and many others. Since the day of formation, they've produced over 100 designs that entire population saw at least once in their lifetime.

2. Lindon Leader

Lindon Leader is mostly famous for his Technicolor, Hawaiian Airlines and Fed Ex Logo designs, although it's worth mentioning that he have received over 30 major design awards worldwide. A graduate of Stanford University (Political Science) and Art Center College of Design (Advertising) he continues to deliver quality work since 20 years. His work is internationally recognizable and have been included in numerous publications. Rolling Stone magazine have cited his work for Federal Expedition company in their recent release. Lindon have achieved a title of one of the 10 best American identities in the last 40 years.

3. Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was one of the most influential logo designers of the past century. Loewy was born in France and moved to United States in the end of the 1930's. His uncanny contribution to the American culture have permanently changed the way logo designers are perceived. However, it's not the only field of graphic design in which Loewy specialized in. He was creating sketches of automobiles, architectural drawings, housewares and of course logo designs. One of the most known are early logos created for companies like BP, Shell and U.S. Mail

4. Paul Rand

Another wonderful person in the midst of logo designers was Paul Rand. He is best known for his corporate logo designs for companies like IBM, early UPS logo, American Broadcasting Service, Next Computers (Hello there Steve!), Education First and even had an unused logo for Ford Motor Company. What is interesting about Rand is the fact that he was a self taught logo designer. He was born in Brooklyn, NY 1914. His early career was a humble work for image distribution companies which were fueling up local newspapers. His biggest success have come in 50's and 60's of 20th century.

5. Bob Wolf

Last of our most famous logo designers. Bob Wolf is a senior creative director with a big baggage of logo design experience. His work have been apprecieated by many organizations. Winner of many prestigious awards such as AIGA or Clio. He've been creating masterpieces for over 20 years. From logo design solutions to complex marketing strategies, Bob Wolf can brag about creating work for The Bank of America, Gillette, Komatsu, United Parcel Service, RJ Reynolds, Navistar, Ford Motor Company and many more. Currently, Bob is running his own consulting company in which he helps in creating a powerful visual identities for his worldwide clients.


There are many great logo designers out there. This mini list is our tribute to the most iconic and influential people in the field of design. We hope that you've enjoyed it :)

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