Top Quality Logo design For a Fraction of a Full Price?


Is it possible to have 'top quality' along with 'cheap' ? Read more to find out !

Top quality logo design ? is the only place where top quality meets with cheap price. Our dedicated designers hand sketch every logo design before creating it on computer. We manually draw, scan and vectorize the logotype in order to provide the highest quality standards for our clients. We have experience with most popular vector editing software which helps us transcend the ideas of our customers into digital world. To better meet client's expectations, our team is preparing a couple of mockups, presenting different color schemes and presentational backgrounds.

Cheap logo design ?

Thanks to high skills and rich experience of our designers we are able to lower the prices to the minimum. Our designers are able to produce high quality mockup in less than 3 hours which allows us to cut the prices on one single logo. Usually we know that cheap doesn't always come with quality especially in logo design services but here we value our customers and offer them top quality work for cheapest price avaible on the market !

Team ?

Our talented logo designers are people with experience who love to let off their creativity from the leash and introduce our customers to very interesting mockups. Logo design and brand identity are our passions to which we dedicate 120% of our time. Customer friendly staff will always answer any questions and explain in detail the whole process.

Our goals ?

Simply we wish to offer high quality logo design work for our customers and change the perception of cheap logo design.

The Importance of Typography In Logo Design (Condensed)


It’s quite tough to create a powerful logo design that can make a massive impact on your customers. However, if you are asked to just restrict yourself to typography while designing logos, then it can become an extremely hard challenge to overcome. Logo design experts believe that sometimes you can get most breathtaking results by just using typography art in your logos by using your creativity and innovation. Sometimes it’s awesomely stunning ligature that does the trick or imaginative and creative use of alphabets. At other times, designers design incredibly astonishing company logo by just making clever use of scaling, colors or by just re-arranging some alphabets. Sometimes Logo design professionals just remove something from an alphabet to provide it a touch of brilliance.

Why typography is that important in your company's logo design?

If you own a business, it’s highly recommended that you should get typography based logo design for your business. There are a number of reasons why you should do so. Letters are used to provide information about your products, and by creatively using them in your business logo, you can easily make your logo design extremely memorable. You can find a number of examples by using Google search for the term logo design. What’s more, you will find a plethora of free popular Google fonts. To make this point clearer, let’s have a look at following examples.

If there is a company that is dedicated to spreading greenery and planting trees in companies, government organizations to reduce carbon emissions, the company’s logo design can have green color in the background. The letters can be cleverly manipulated to resemble a tree. This is just one example of strategic thinking that reputable logo design companies use while designing logos for their clients.

Another example is that of an industrial design firm. In order to design logo for an industrial design company, you must know what actually industrial designers do in their everyday work. One of the many goals of any industrial designers is to make products extremely accessible to the users by stripping products down to their most basic levels. So the logo design can consist of accessible and most basic shapes that are used by industrial designers when they start their projects.

Exceed the expectations of your customers with the help of outstanding logo design typography

If you have a website, you may be aware that your visitors expect an outstanding logo at the top of your page with bold and outstanding text. The more elaborate and unique your logo design typography is, better and easier it is for your users to remember and trust your business.

One of the toughest tasks, you will encounter is deciding on which fonts will perfectly suit your company logo. Thankfully, you can always take help from an established Logo design company to achieve this goal with aplomb.

Why raster graphics are inappropriate for any type of logo design?

In the avalanche of all kind of graphic formats, software and technicques, it can be pretty difficult for a beginner logo designer to do things the right way. One of the most common mistakes is choosing a wrong software to develop a logo design and/or developing it in wrong file format.

By general assumption, a logo design should be scalable. First what we need to understand is that we cannot rasterize our final design before saving it in a safe Vector file format. There's a major difference between Raster and Vector graphics. Raster graphics consist of 2-dimensional patterned array that often represents symbols, characters or shapes. In computer graphics a term broadly known is pixel which is nothing more than just a very small square. This pixel is repeated in x and y dimensions in order to build shapes. Rastered graphics are having a one certain feature that may be a problem if we won't keep it in mind - they don't like to be software resized. This simply means that for example if we produce a logo design for our company and unfortunately save all our work as a jpeg image then we'll face a very serious aesthethical problem whenever we'll want to change the size of that logo. We'll simply lose quality and cause our company's logo design to be pixelated (have jagged, unaesthethical edges). Imagine how much trouble a rasterized logo design can bring to you if you want to scale your company's logo design for a forum avatar, website, ebay template design, promotional goods, advertisments and anything else that requires recipient to recognize your brand.

In this case, a secret weapon of all logo designers is the proper knowledge of what and when. Instead of Rasterized graphics they are using Vector graphics. Now what's the big hype about it ? Simply because they don't consist of pixels but mathematical points and paths. The shapes are scalable and will never have jagged edges effect which makes vector graphics a perfect choice when it comes to design a logo that we want to use for our company or for a client. Even if we'll resize it seven times, bigger or smaller, it will always remain it's original clarity and quality. Ok, we have some basic theoretical knowledge but which program is appropriate for this kind of graphics and what file format I should use? Simply the answer is whatever suits your needs and file that will match your customer's requirements. An example of a program with which you can design your logo designs can be Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Those are the most commonly used programs to design a professional looking logo design. An example of a file format especially designed to handle vector saved data can be EPS or Adobe AI. They are highly compatible with other graphic editors.

Using Vectors instead of Raster graphics is even more beneficial for the company because it allows designer to perform a quick and highly precise modifications to the existing logo design. Operations like quick shape rebuild, background replacement or removal, color change and adding effects are much faster on vector graphics. Thanks to better flexibility they can be added to larger amount of medias and even corporate stationery designs such as business cards or letterheads.

Our Logo Design Company can create beautiful and professional looking corporate logo designs as low as $29.99 for a single logotype. We are trusted in the graphic design market and offer a rich portfolio of our completed logo designs. Designing is not just our work, it's our passion !