Oscar’s New Logo Design Bringing Drama ?

Oscar’s New Logo Design Bringing Drama ?

Academy Awards new Logo for 2014

Red carpets, tears and joy

Ahh, the good old Oscar. A wonderwall of such great names like Leonardo DiCaprio or Alfred Hitchcock. Since 1929 Academy Award have been the most desired awards among all actors and directors in the silver screen industry.

Academy Award have decided to change the way their logo look and present a new design for the all new fresh year 2014, a home for the Academy Award’s 86th annual meeting. However, does it bring more drama than Kevin Costner? We’ll check that out !

The Redesign

Shape exchange

First impression – the logo design didn’t change that much at all ! Indeed, it have been enhanced with a triangle shape in order to emulate an ‘A’ letter for Academy Awards. Previously the design had an oval shape surrounding the statue area. A triangle may also represent a reflector shining on the star.
The entire logo design have got a more flat feel. We can clearly see less gradients and other spooky spectres from the beginning of 2000’s. Certainly we assign that to good changes.


The long, wide and bold text “The Academy of motion picture arts and sciences” have been broken into 3 lines instead of 2. ‘The’ prefix have been erased and the word ‘Academy’ have been placed solitarily in the first line in order to substitute a bold font. Also it seems that the font have been unified in terms of size. However, it’s clearly smaller than the one in the previous iteration of this logo design.


The Oscar shape inside the triangle is again built out of negative space which we consider a good practice. It’s base have been emphasized in terms of width and the Oscar itself have become thinner.
The color palette didn’t change that much. Maybe except the font as it shares the same shade of dark gold color with triangle shape on which it’s resting.

Who made the design?

The rumors are telling that the new logo design have been produced by a well known British designer – Richard Harrington from 180LA. He stated that the aim of the new logo design is to “transform the visual balance from not only representing the Oscars, but … [also to include] the Academy”. The new logo represents the efforts and support of the Academy for the first time.

End word

What is surprising us is that it took 2 years for the designer to come up with this iteration and have it accepted by the Academy Awards. We cannot get rid of the feeling that it took a little bit too long to make these changes as every average graphic designer with 1,5 year of experience would have been able to perform them.

The new logo design can be seen on the official website of Academy Awards

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