How to practice your attention grabbing technicque

What are we talking about?

Attention Grabbing technicque is as you probably guessed, a marketing technicque that is extremely helpful in advertising. It simply follows two main rules - catch the eye and attract with the catchy text. It's effectiveness is based on how well you understand the needs of your customers. In simple words - what would you want to read if you would be at the place of your client ? Understanding the needs of your customers is one but preparing a catchy text is second. Not to mention about the fact that you need to somehow 'force' (:)) an user to look in the desired place. So how do we deal with all of this rocket science ?

Effective Advertising Text (EAT)

To create an Effective Advertising Text you need to know your product and extract it's 'best side'. Simply think what is strong about your product and write it down. Then ask yourself the following questions: Why it's super ? Is it better from others that offer the same service ? Is it unique ? Is it cheap ? Is it professional ? How it can help your customers ? Remember to always think through the prizm of what your customer want to hear then fit the product to cover as much of his needs as possible. Be concise. To help yourself - wrap your text in a small rectangle box and make at least 5 versions of it. It will sometimes feel frustrating to stuff your thoughts in such a limited box but it's needed to develop proper habits. Upon preparing a couple of versions pickup the most condensed one and inspect it if you didn't use the over-repeated sentences typically like 'How I earned 1 000 000 $ in just 20 minutes'. You want to attract not make someone laugh from disbelief.


Every website has it's heatpoints. Those are the places which users direct their eyes instantly. To win in this uneven battle between human perception ability vs. you you need to posess the knowledge of where to place your attention grabbers and where to not. One of the more helpful online tools ready at your disposition are heatmaps. Their work is to dynamically generate a map of your website and highlight all most viewed and most clicked areas of your webpage. Such services don't cost fortune and can be extremely helpful in understanding how your users interact with your website. Further analysis can bring surprising conclusions and help you place your attention grabber in more proper place. After all you want to increase the view of your offer and the only way to do it is to understand how your users think.

You can use commercial online tools like SeeVolution or find it in the form of plugin (usually for free). One of the free ones is surely the one that is integrated to Google Analytics. It provides basic knowledge about the most clicked areas and most viewed ones on your website. If you wish to search deeper then here you are Heatmap Plugin Search


Choose an eye-catching colors for your attention grabber. Don't make it too annoying for user. I would suggest that you make a screenshot of your homepage and pick up the hexadecimal value of the main color that repeats on it. You can use the most basic raster graphics editor (For example Gimp). Prepare your hex value and go to Adobe Kuler to simply enter it and set up as a base color. Upon doing that click on 'Analogous rule' and pick up one of the colors. Remember to pick it up wisely. You want to have an area on your website that stands out but doesn't fund nystagmus to your user's eyes :).

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

AIDA is simply everything you need in order to change a normal internet user into the buyer of your service or product. You can gain even more if you have at least the basic persuasion abilities. It's a must in the marketing world. After your user will click on your attention grabber he should be redirected to a page that contains so-called 'call to action' formulas. There's that place to show off your persuasion skills. We'll cover the subject of 'call to action' formulas later.


Since centuries it's clear that a good advertisement can do miracles. It shouldn't be underestimated just because we don't feel enough strong in this genre. Practice makes perfect and with this simple conclusion we finish our today's post :).

How to change your wordpress admin username and password without having access to the dashboard


Today we would like to present you a way to change your admin account credentials even without the actual access to the admin panel itself. Crazy isn't it ? We will bring you down from the sky to the ground in just a minute. Fasten your seatbelts and here we go.

Trick or Treat?

Sometimes your admin credentials can be in danger. Sometimes the mess done by someone is so big that it may be not possible to access the admin dashboard to change them. What can we do next? Our webpage is not totally wasted! And that's why this emergency method is important to learn.

The Know-How

The series of steps we'll do are very simple. Mainly - we'll use the fact that we have access to the Wordpress Database and from it's level we'll change the users or passwords or both at the same time ;).

Step 1 - Find the name of your mySQL Database

Basically, first what you need to do is to log into your hosting backend and find your mySQL database. Hosting backends are usually run by so-called cPanel, a popular control panel that became a standard. Use username and password provided by your hosting company at the day of purchase and go to the 'mysql databases' tab.
Find out which database corresponds to your Wordpress website and open it. The quickest way is to log into your FTP directory and locate wp-config.php file. Upon opening try to locate 'db-name' or something simillar. Don't change anything in here. Just locate the name of database, write it somewhere and come back to hosting backend. There is also another way, simply open one of databases in an online tool to create, edit and delete databases, tables etc. and inspect each of the databases to recognize the correct one. The tool is called phpMyAdmin and it should be avaible for you in the 'databases' tab under your hosting backend. Search for tables beginning by the default wordpress prefix 'wp_' in the opened database. Prefix is a line of text that sits before each name of table. For example a table called 'users' in mysql database would have in this case a form of 'wp_users'.

Step 2 - Editing the Database

With the help of phpMyAdmin we'll edit our database. It's a simple online tool to create, edit and delete databases, tables etc. just like we've mentioned earlier. Navigate to the proper database and open it. Locate the correct table wp_users manually or with the help of search tool and browse it. Upon opening find a field that is called user_pass and edit it's value. As you probably have noticed the password is a string of 'strange' symbols and characters. This means that your password is encrypted and you won't be able to type in just plain text. Prepare your new password and go to MD5 Online Password Generator to generate it manually then copy the encrypted result into your user_pass field value. You can edit other user information like for example name. Save your changes and exit phpMyAdmin. Congratulations ! Your password have been changed.

Final Quack

In just two steps you've learned a very powerful trick to use in emergency situations (and not only :)).

Graphic designer = hard work ?


In the hard times of economical crisis and general saturation of the market it's quite hard to pierce through competition and offer customers your services. Recently market have gained literally thousands of self-employed business holders with absolutely no design knowledge. Everyone can outsource the work to poor quality design companies and disregard his customer's true needs. Finding success as being self-employed graphic designer can be pretty difficult task. It's a constant lesson that never ends. But...fear not ! With the constantly good quality work and proper SEO strategy you are able to achieve success in this field. Here are a couple of interesting tips that you can bring to life in no time.

Build a loyal audience

Even though you have your web site set up and sitting it's still a good practice to integrate it with a blogging platform. "But why I would do it, I have already enough on my head" you may say. However, please follow my train of thought. Interesting articles, freebies (especially), tutorials and other materials will open doors to a better recognition of your company. They'll bring traffic and possibly conversion. Not only Google loves content but normal users too ! Before you begin, think how much time you can devote to this task and start writing ! I assume that you know quite much about the work you do so it will be easy for you to share it with users.

How much is enough?

There is no answer to that question as there are no limits. Theoretically if you would be able to write 5 great quality articles each day then it would mean that your website would become quickly popular and loved by Google. This means increased exposure to potential users and that in turn - possibility that they'll link to your post from their social media account or even website. Wouldn't it be great?

Focus on quality not quantity

Now hold your horses and think again very well how many articles can you publish on your blog each day. Don't go for quantity but for QUALITY only. You may ask how big should be a post. Theoretically again there are no limits. However you should think about your readers and Google at the same time. Try to share condensed knowledge and respect your reader's time. A good article will defend itself from being dropped only if it's interesting and provide at least 60% of what user expects to see after entering on your website. A good practice is to write 600 - 1200 word articles. Of course tutorials can be shorter as they generally contain more images than text. The same concerns freebies giveaway. They do not need to be excessively long.

What goes around...usually comes around

Write in an interesting way and always focus on giving your reader what he may be interested in. Seek problems and write about their solution. Seek popular freebies and create your own ones. Think what people would like to know, then share your knowledge and experience in the form of tutorial. Just think of it this way - by doing so, you are not wasting your time. You are actually building your authority and present your business as a professional one.

Be social

Share your knowledge and help other people on social media sites or forum boards. Remember to mention about your posts or services in good moments. Don't be too intrusive. In one word - Participate. Whenever you can. However, I'm aware how busy graphic designer's life can be so I suggest that you allocate around 30 minutes of your time each morning, right after your delicious coffee to participate in discussions. Don't spend too much time on it as forum boards or social media sites can be pretty much time consuming. Remember that personal discipline is something that have lead normal guys (or girls :) ) like you to achieve success in various fields.

General promotion and advertising

Include your website name and link to it in your forum board signatures, social media and generally everywhere you can. You'll gain some tasty backlinks and bigger exposure to the people. Remember that no one will come to you if you are stil waiting for your users to make the move. It's always 'your turn'. If you have some money prepared to rev up your online business then invest in good and smart advertising. I do not recommend google adsense (OH BUT WHY?!) in the beginning as it can be pretty much money eating on even less popular keywords. It happens like that because there's a huge competition around in the design market. What would I recommend instead is investing in what I call 'smart advertising'. Find out a medium popular blog in the niche that you think is linked with what you offer and seek for little square boxes with the 'Advertise here' sign on them. They usually appear on left or right sidebars as well as somewhere between paragraphs in blog posts. Usually the rates for 1000 clicks are pretty little money. Even if you'll make a mistake in chosing a place to advertise, it's still a good practice to have at least a temporarily increased traffic to your site because there's a big chance that Google will look on it with a more friendly eye in terms of exposure on wider range of keywords (Search Engine).

Have a SEO strategy that works !

Don't go for 'quick and easy' in terms of SEO. Forget about black hat or even gray hat technicques as today they can work and tomorrow not. Not to mention about upcoming penalties from Google for using such ones. White hat takes more time, is less effective and you need to sweat to see results but your rankings will pretty much stay at their place. Define a list of methods that are Google friendly in current year and read more detailed articles about them. Know 'what' and 'why' as well as 'is it safe with google'. You don't want that penguin slap after a year, right? Again, personal discipline is your only friend. Make it your habit and do it regularly. After 2 months you should begin to see effects of your hard work.

Final Quack

Great that you did stay so long with me. Believe or not, with a proper strategy everything is possible. No matter how difficult it looks in the beginning, make a deeper breathe, drink your favorite coffee and get back to working. It's important to always designate your objectives for the current day and stick to them no matter what. Once again I say - Personal Discipline have brought many to million dollar fortune. Don't give up and keep doing your thing !