Top Quality Logo design For a Fraction of a Full Price?


Is it possible to have 'top quality' along with 'cheap' ? Read more to find out !

Top quality logo design ? is the only place where top quality meets with cheap price. Our dedicated designers hand sketch every logo design before creating it on computer. We manually draw, scan and vectorize the logotype in order to provide the highest quality standards for our clients. We have experience with most popular vector editing software which helps us transcend the ideas of our customers into digital world. To better meet client's expectations, our team is preparing a couple of mockups, presenting different color schemes and presentational backgrounds.

Cheap logo design ?

Thanks to high skills and rich experience of our designers we are able to lower the prices to the minimum. Our designers are able to produce high quality mockup in less than 3 hours which allows us to cut the prices on one single logo. Usually we know that cheap doesn't always come with quality especially in logo design services but here we value our customers and offer them top quality work for cheapest price avaible on the market !

Team ?

Our talented logo designers are people with experience who love to let off their creativity from the leash and introduce our customers to very interesting mockups. Logo design and brand identity are our passions to which we dedicate 120% of our time. Customer friendly staff will always answer any questions and explain in detail the whole process.

Our goals ?

Simply we wish to offer high quality logo design work for our customers and change the perception of cheap logo design.

How to earn money as a graphic designer ?


The reality of a freelance graphic designer can be sometimes very grey, especially when you're new to the business. This often means that you didn't work out your portfolio yet. You have the skill and talent but where to show it off ? Where to sell your graphic designs ? In this short post, we'll try to introduce you to some of the top crowdsourcing websites as well as show you the path you should go in order to start earn money before you're even worldwide known ! So lay back on your chair, take a cup of coffee and here we go.

Crowdso-what ?

You got it nearly right. Crowdsourcing is a term created back in 2006 and it means, in huge shortcut, outsourcing to greater amount of people and choosing the best made project. 'Nuff said :). You can have many variations of crowdsourcing for example reverse crowdsourcing in which design, software or anything you like is being prepared first to then be chosen by consument or business. Let's list and explain the principles of some crowdsource-based websites.

99 Designs mentioned by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and many more allows you to find open contests in which you can submit your design. With a bit of luck and talent you can be the winner ! This simply means money and one more satisfied customer. It's nice to mention that often winners take big prizes reaching even few thousand dollars for their design. From logo design to postcards and flyers, you can find your favorite category and feel at home.

Brandcrowd is a legit source of unique ready-made designs. The concept of the service is based simply on reversed crowdsourcing. Platform lets designers to expose their creations and earn money after they are bought. The final recipient can browse for ready brands (including custom logo design, and domain(s) ). Prices vary from 300$ for a logo to few thousand dollars for a brand. It's a great place for all those unused concepts that you have hidden in the depths of your computer :)

Design Crowd works the same way as 99 designs focusing 1,305,300 custom designs submited to the platform.

Zazzle is a little black sheep in our post. It's concept is slightly different than other services. However, it's still based on crowdsourcing somehow. It allows you to open your online store within their platform and sell your designs. You can choose your merchendise on which designs will be printed and sold to the ending recipients. Fun to try out :)

Other websites worth checking

In this short list you'll find sites simillar to earlier mentioned.

Final Quack

Feeling enlighted ? That's what we wanted !

Where to find top Adobe Illustrator tutorials ?


Many of us scratched our head during the stage of endless learning. Adobe Illustrator is not different. To master it you require both good teacher and patience. But what if you don't have a teacher nearby or you want to learn everything on our own ? Sure there is a solution ! In the age of internet, activities such as playing guitar, cooking, , and designing are a lot easier to learn thanks to 'Tutorials'.

What is a tutorial ? Simply it's a step-by-step guide on how to do a particular thing from scratch. Treat it as a crash course. It's there to help you gain new skills and can have a shape of a video or just bunch of photos with descriptions. Tutorials can be offered for free or through paid membership. Opinions are divided to those who recommend signing up with a paid membership sites and those who state that all this knowledge is easily avaible on the internet.

Our opinion ? Well, if you have a lot of spare time and patience to do things by yourself, plus you are not in posession of huge cash resources in the beginning stage of your design experience then going with free tutorials would be your best shot. However, if designing is not your main job (currently ;) ) and you are limited by rigorous time frames then a paid membership site would be a good idea.

In today's post we'll focus on helping all those of you who fall within the first group of designers. Under this paragraph you'll find top sites offering quality Adobe Illustrator tutorials for free. Remember to check them often and practice as much as you can :).

1. VectorTuts

VectorTuts are part of NetTuts, a large group belonging to Envato. You may have heard about Envato before from their numerous websites offering templates, graphics, audio, video, etc. stuff. From time to time VectorTuts are being updated with fresh content. NetTuts is known for choosing only experienced designers. You won't find cheesy and out-of-logic practices in their tutorials which we write down as a benefit :).

2. Abuzeedo

Abuzeedo is a small blog maintained by Fabio Sasso. Since 2006, Abuzeedo is providing users with fresh design tips and tricks. You can find tutorials, freebies and useful advices. Link will transfer you directly to all content associated with Adobe Illustrator.

3. allows users to post links to their tutorials. It's a good place to learn Adobe Ai and eventually promote your website through posting a nice tutorial. Enough said :)

4. N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio is a personal portfolio and blog of NickLa - Toronto based web designer and illustrator. It's worth checking out from time to time.

5. MyInk Blog

MyINK Blog is a design resources and inspiration blog maintained by volunteer authors. Not as targeted on Adobe AI as others but still worth peeking from time to time :).

6. is a good source of Adobe Illustrator tutorials, quickfixes, tips and tricks. It was created by Rype (Ryan Putnam) of Rype Arts an exclusive vector art contributor to iStockphoto.

7. is a design company which delivers outstanding illustration, branding, graphic design, and web development to forward thinking organizations across the globe. They also maintain a medium size blog which offers some cool design tutorials from time to time. Tutorials come mostly from exclusive authors so it's worth checking out.

8. offers both free and premium tutorials and crash courses. Their premium membership is worth looking out as it costs silly $12 a year.

9. is perfect for anyone who begins his journey with Adobe Illustrator. Their tutorials will teach you how to operate with the Pen tool, trace, use symmetry mirroring and a few other helpful skills. The series of tutorials will create a base for learning more advanced things in the future. Definetly worth checking out !

10. Web Design Ledger maintained by Henry Jones is a design blog offering tutorials in broadly defined web design. From time to time you can fall on interesting Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Also, very often Henry is summing up one of the greatest tutorials of all time, month or year. Worth visiting for sure !


Nobody said that design is an easy piece of bread but constant increasement of our skills and proving it through a nicely made portfolio is the way to go. Remember to never give up. Begining is always hard and seeying it as an necessary evil is crucial to move forward. However, thanks to many authors even the most boring designs can be fun to do for a newbie. Use alerting system for the blogs mentioned above and practice every design possible.