TOP 5 Free WordPress templates for your budget blog!

Hi folks! Today we've prepared a tiny sum up of 2012 and beginning of 2013 year in terms of finding yourself a free and nice looking template. From experience of many Wordpress users it's hard to find a nice looking template that is at the same time a free one. Usually everything that looks a tiny bit better than twentyeleven theme costs some money. We've made a tiny chart of top 5 free wordpress themes that you can use for your blogging or any other purpose. They can be customized and look different in any way. They are also good when you want to learn about Wordpress theme filesystem in order to make yourself a beautiful templates :). So! Fasten your seatbelts and here we go!

Number one - FreshBrown Free WordPress Theme By TricksDaddy

Here is a template made by TricksDaddy that should be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. The template looks elegant, minimal and professional. It had gave a huge recognition to TricksDaddy.

Here's what authors says :

"When I was on blogger platform, I designed various templates for blogspot blogs. One of them was FreshBrown. This template got huge popularity and it was loved by all of my blogger friends. This template even got 4200+ downloads at btemplates. I was planning to design a WordPress theme for a long time after moving to WordPress. So, finally I converted this template to WordPress theme."

Demo | Download

Number two - Coral Free WordPress Theme By NewWpThemes

Another guest on our chart was created by The New Wordpress Themes and quickly gained an interesting amount of users. The theme has some energetic colors and minimal design.

Demo | Download

Number three - Forte Free WordPress Theme By

This may be a little bit outdated right now but still holds it's place in our top 5 free wordpress templates.

Demo | Download

Number four - Free Responsive Theme for Wordpress by ThemeId

This is one of my favorites. Completely free and RESPONSIVE template for Wordpress. Responsive means it can be stretched to any size and still look great from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and of course computers. A total must have.

Demo | Download

Number five - Panoramica - Responsive Theme for Wordpress by CPOthemes

Another banger. Simple, clean and minimalistic style template. Besides it's also responsive and can adapt itself automaticly to any screen size.

Demo | Download

As we've proved today - you can have a decent looking blog or corporate site template completely for free and still appear as professional. That's all least for now :).

Let’s hack Czech Republics Central Bank and Prague Stock Exchange!

Alright! Peanuts! Check! Coffee! Check! News running on tv! Check! It sounds not very scary is it? But imagine that with it or without some closer unindentified chaps have made quite a big rumble in Czech republic. Well how? Where? What? I'll tell you! Simply by breaking to Czech Republics Central Bank website and doing a 'little' tornado out there. Unfortunately operators of Central Bank website along with their hosting provider are kinda sleazy and completely uninformed on how to defend such an important institution from being hacked, of course... in my... o...tshh... . Then... put back the site online - hosting provider fails once again. Anyways let's stop this accusing and get back on the track saying what actually happened out there. We're 6th March 2013 today. Around closer unindentified time a group of hackers decide to wham into Central Bank website along with Prague Stock Exchange website (and a couple of others including big news gamers within Czech Republic). Things get smelly very quickly and the sites are down. Attack used - DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). Hopefully the attacks didn't endanger financial acounts of any of the banks or stock exchange according to Jiri Kovarik, spokesman at the Prague Stock Exchange. The police operating in the area of Czech republic is unable to locate hackers whereabouts and put them to criminal proseccution after analysing the attacks on Wednesday 6th March 2013. In my opinion these attacks were made to show and prove something and not to actually interupt any of the two institutes financial operations. If hackers would want to interupt them - they would choose to break into trading platforms etc. which they haven't done...yet.

Windows 8 – It’s a DISASTER!

It always takes a couple of years for developers to prepare the next-gen OS for us users and even few more years to make the majority of them switch to it. Reason? For those first - it's money, for those second - it's another change. Not from yesterday we know that people usually don't like changes. Microsoft itself kept the simple interface of 'Windows' for over 2 decades and have gained a lot of fans despite BSOD's (Blue Screens of Death), compatibility problems, viruses, unlogical errors etc. General public could taste a lil' bit of Microsoft's new child on April 12, 2011. It was one of the first builds and unfortunately for Microsoft - it leaked to internet.
The wave of negative opinions began with the more stable Windows 8 that was released on September 13, 2011 (build 8102 - Windows 8 Developer Preview) and presented the majority of Metro UI.

I'll make a little pause in here and squeeze a tiny notice of mine - there's something strange going on with Microsoft from time to time. Let's start from the beginning - we have a Windows 98 in 1998 which repeated the success of Windows 95. Two years later we have Windows Millenium Edition which was a complete failure according to users. Then we have Windows XP which was a huge success of Microsoft. Successor of the Win XP was Vista which again was a huge failure. As you probably noticed - sinusoidal trend loves Microsoft Company.

Back to the subject - I have a feeling that Microsoft have made Windows 8 just to fill the 'hole' that appeared after introducing Apple's latest OS. Windows 8 seems to be a mix of unthought development actions and ideas invented in a rush. In one moment someone inside their company woke up and said 'dayumm guys this is hella unconvenient and illogical, what we do now?!'. Well... what would they do? Simple! Invest huge amounts of Woodrow Wilson's in the advertisment campaign and convince everyone that Windows 8 is exactly what they need in the times of economical crisis. Users get frustrated, Microsoft counts economic losses and the future of Windows 8 is unknown. Hundreds of people willing to pay even $125 just for a simple downgrade to Windows 7 doesn't seem to be good news for gigant from Redmond. Windows 8 seems to be another OS like Millenium or Vista which people will want to replace after first 30 minutes of using. Pretty sad cause we've started to believe that Redmond will serve us another Mac OS for half of the price.