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5 Most Famous Logo Designers of All Time

We can't disagree that each generation has it's own iconic artists. They pour their ideas on the paper or computer screen in order to express themselves in many fantastic ways. They cherish our senses and make us discover new ways of describing art. Not to mention that they have a lot of fun while doing that. But what about logo design? Here we present 5 most iconic and significant logo designers chosen by our team. They constitute a source of our daily inspirations.

1. Ivan Chermayeff

Ivan was born in 1932, London, England. Around 40's he've moved to United States and studied at Harvard's institute of design in Chicago. Shortly after he received his BFA at Yale. At that time he met Tom Geismar with whom he later created a common studio - Brownjohn & Chermayeff & Geismar. All of them shared the same passion for typography. However, it's not thanks to typography skills this trio have begun to be recognizable. They were the pioneers of placing abstract shapes in logo design. These significant logo designers have created designs for such an important entities like Chase Manhattan Bank, Mobil, National Geographic, Armani Exchange, Library of Congress, Pan Am, Rockefeller Center, NBC and many others. Since the day of formation, they've produced over 100 designs that entire population saw at least once in their lifetime.

2. Lindon Leader

Lindon Leader is mostly famous for his Technicolor, Hawaiian Airlines and Fed Ex Logo designs, although it's worth mentioning that he have received over 30 major design awards worldwide. A graduate of Stanford University (Political Science) and Art Center College of Design (Advertising) he continues to deliver quality work since 20 years. His work is internationally recognizable and have been included in numerous publications. Rolling Stone magazine have cited his work for Federal Expedition company in their recent release. Lindon have achieved a title of one of the 10 best American identities in the last 40 years.

3. Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was one of the most influential logo designers of the past century. Loewy was born in France and moved to United States in the end of the 1930's. His uncanny contribution to the American culture have permanently changed the way logo designers are perceived. However, it's not the only field of graphic design in which Loewy specialized in. He was creating sketches of automobiles, architectural drawings, housewares and of course logo designs. One of the most known are early logos created for companies like BP, Shell and U.S. Mail

4. Paul Rand

Another wonderful person in the midst of logo designers was Paul Rand. He is best known for his corporate logo designs for companies like IBM, early UPS logo, American Broadcasting Service, Next Computers (Hello there Steve!), Education First and even had an unused logo for Ford Motor Company. What is interesting about Rand is the fact that he was a self taught logo designer. He was born in Brooklyn, NY 1914. His early career was a humble work for image distribution companies which were fueling up local newspapers. His biggest success have come in 50's and 60's of 20th century.

5. Bob Wolf

Last of our most famous logo designers. Bob Wolf is a senior creative director with a big baggage of logo design experience. His work have been apprecieated by many organizations. Winner of many prestigious awards such as AIGA or Clio. He've been creating masterpieces for over 20 years. From logo design solutions to complex marketing strategies, Bob Wolf can brag about creating work for The Bank of America, Gillette, Komatsu, United Parcel Service, RJ Reynolds, Navistar, Ford Motor Company and many more. Currently, Bob is running his own consulting company in which he helps in creating a powerful visual identities for his worldwide clients.


There are many great logo designers out there. This mini list is our tribute to the most iconic and influential people in the field of design. We hope that you've enjoyed it :)

Oscar’s New Logo Design Bringing Drama ?

Academy Awards new Logo for 2014

Red carpets, tears and joy

Ahh, the good old Oscar. A wonderwall of such great names like Leonardo DiCaprio or Alfred Hitchcock. Since 1929 Academy Award have been the most desired awards among all actors and directors in the silver screen industry.

Academy Award have decided to change the way their logo look and present a new design for the all new fresh year 2014, a home for the Academy Award’s 86th annual meeting. However, does it bring more drama than Kevin Costner? We'll check that out !

The Redesign

Shape exchange

First impression - the logo design didn’t change that much at all ! Indeed, it have been enhanced with a triangle shape in order to emulate an ‘A’ letter for Academy Awards. Previously the design had an oval shape surrounding the statue area. A triangle may also represent a reflector shining on the star.
The entire logo design have got a more flat feel. We can clearly see less gradients and other spooky spectres from the beginning of 2000’s. Certainly we assign that to good changes.


The long, wide and bold text “The Academy of motion picture arts and sciences” have been broken into 3 lines instead of 2. ‘The’ prefix have been erased and the word ‘Academy’ have been placed solitarily in the first line in order to substitute a bold font. Also it seems that the font have been unified in terms of size. However, it’s clearly smaller than the one in the previous iteration of this logo design.


The Oscar shape inside the triangle is again built out of negative space which we consider a good practice. It’s base have been emphasized in terms of width and the Oscar itself have become thinner.
The color palette didn’t change that much. Maybe except the font as it shares the same shade of dark gold color with triangle shape on which it’s resting.

Who made the design?

The rumors are telling that the new logo design have been produced by a well known British designer - Richard Harrington from 180LA. He stated that the aim of the new logo design is to “transform the visual balance from not only representing the Oscars, but … [also to include] the Academy”. The new logo represents the efforts and support of the Academy for the first time.

End word

What is surprising us is that it took 2 years for the designer to come up with this iteration and have it accepted by the Academy Awards. We cannot get rid of the feeling that it took a little bit too long to make these changes as every average graphic designer with 1,5 year of experience would have been able to perform them.

The new logo design can be seen on the official website of Academy Awards

Should You Cut Costs On Logo Design ?

The biggest complaint of every starting project is evidently their startup budget. Many startups do suffer from limited amount of money which they can spend on successful implementation of their project. First months of project’s exposure and activity are crippled with an already-made predictions when it comes to income. Rough verdict - first six months will mean that owner will have problems with keeping body and soul together. It’s pretty understandable. Nowadays market is oversaturated with ideas that have been incorporated long time ago. Even new and fresh solutions are often having trouble in the beginning as they cannot afford expensive ad campaigns.

We’re coming to the point where some things are or even have to be neglected, at least for some period of time due to the lack of money. One of them is proper branding of our company. Visual identity is loaded with that stereotype that it costs fortune to have things done well. Indeed, we cannot disagree with this to some point but there is a lot of professionals that can do the job well for a one third of the bigger company’s price. If we’re thinking about cheap logo design we should not think of it as of a ready-made service in the price of a one hot dog and 6 onion rings from Bark @ Park Slope, NY. Even though we’re searching for ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ service, there is a line that we should not cross - read: don’t go below certain amount.

Would you sacrifice a good image of your company and kill the entire project just for the sake of saving these several dozen of dollars ? Once someone smart said ‘don’t be in a relationship with your own business. He meant not to attach yourself emotionally to anything you’ve created. However, in this case you wouldn’t want to feel that immense feeling of frustration when upon collecting some startup budget and pinging all possible and important angel investors, your company will look cheap and cheesy. Add another big one if you’ll fail and will have a great idea to share with this world. Your logo represents your business, the ideology of your company and describes the purpose of a product. Neglecting that important aspect can erase your once-in-a-lifetime chance of reving up the business of your dreams.

Of course there are successful entrepreneurs that started with a low-budget website and cheesy looking logo design but they comprise to less than 1% of the entire globe population. Not everyone has a certain skill to show-off and get noticed like Amos Winbush III while being an owner of low-budget looking website and logo.

Visual identity engraves emotions assigned especially to your company. An eye-candy logo design will result in higher conversions and buzz around your project or company. Not only it makes you richer but it also raises your exposure (Which again may result in even higher conversions than before).

Visual identity isn’t just layers of graphics over a background. It IS your company, it is it’s core .it equals to your goals, ideology and perspectives for future. Cutting off costs on branding services is the worst step you can do while preparing your startup to ignit and reach the sky.

Inexpensivelogo was helping web and mobile apps, non profit organisations, starting companies and single individuals in achieving their identity goal. Exposure is all what is important. We’re aware of the differences between cheesy and professional work thus we provide the best value services for your projects. We respect our time, so do we with your. We’re specializing mainly in logo design, business card design and stationery design. However, we’re also a good identity advisors.

If you would like to order our services, go straight to order now page or simply in case if you would have any questions.